A New Launch!



Welcome to Project Dalisay Water Station – The Philippines!

This is an exciting new project that was recently launched to help thousands of people in the Philippines have access to drinking water that’s not only clean but healthy and affordable too.

Wait a minute! Did we just say healthy drinking water? Are we saying that there’s unhealthy water that’s being consumed?

It’s a common misconception that clean, potable water’s good enough – healthy enough. Here and now, we want you to know that it’s not. Despite technological and medical advances in the last hundred years, we are discovering more and newer diseases; more and more people are suffering from chronic illnesses and at a much younger age compared to as recent as those who lived in the previous century. Of course there’s that inevitable modern lifestyle phenomena but the one common factor across all cultures and geographical regions is the water we drink.

Besides oxygen, water is the next crucial element to survival. After all, we’re all made up of approximately 75% water; all our body’s processes require water. The very blood that runs through us, nourishes us essentially consists of water.

For a lot of us, especially those living in developed countries, we tend to take things for granted. No doubt the “healthy” part of the water we drink is still questionable and we’ll cover that in future posts but at least we do have clean water to consume every single day, twenty-four hours a day. Not so for many more people in other parts of the world.

Project Dalisay Water Station in the Philippines is the first step to help bring clean and healthy water to these people who are less fortunate. To do this, we need as much help as we can garner from all corners of the world. We believe that with the success of Project Dalisay in the Philippines, we will open the doors to yet many other countries around the world.

To learn more, come visit Dalisay Water Station. We look forward to your support. Together, we can make “CLEAN & HEALTHY WATER FOR ALL” a reality. The truth is, clean and healthy water is NOT a privilege; it’s the right of every living person regardless of their socio-economic condition.

Have you ever given any thought to the water you drink every day? Do you know anyone whom you think may be suffering from a chronic illness because of the lack of clean, healthy water? Tell us your thoughts. We look forward to hear from you.



Do You Care?

You Can Save A Life Today

Everyday, there are more than 55 deaths in the Philippines caused by dirty, contaminated water.

Today, you will have the opportunity to save thousands of precious lives by contributing just USD 2.00 to help us build a water purification plant that will provide clean and healthy water to the poor and needy in the Philippines.

Come visit our Campaign page to learn more about this humanitarian effort we have undertaken.

Most importantly, we urge you to help us share this chance to do good with all your friends and family members.

For less than the cost of a Starbucks Grande Latte, a MacDonald’s meal or the average Singaporean teenager’s daily allowance, your generosity will be life-giving; you WILL make a difference.

How have you made a difference today? We’d love to know; share with us in the Comments below.



An Act of Charity


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TODAY, if you could do only ONE act of charity, I urge you to

A) Visit the Project Dalisay Water Station Campaign page to learn about

  1. the plight of the people living in the slum areas in the Philippines where they’re in dire need of water – especially clean, healthy drinking water
  2. our effort to build a water station which will purify water from various sources in order to provide them with this basic necessity

B) Help us make this project a reality by contributing to our crowdfunding exercise

There’s no denying that we’re very much aware of the desperate situations faced by millions of people across the globe; be it those in war-torn countries such as Syria and Yemen, or the people in Africa where all they ever knew were extreme poverty and dreadful living conditions. In all honesty though, can we tell ourselves that we’d done enough for our fellowmen who’re hopelessly in need of the basic necessities that we take for granted? Necessities without which their chances of survival reduces with each passing day.

In Project Dalisay Water Station, our focus is on the 20 million odd people living in slums across the Philippines – the wretchedness and deprivation of which we could never truly imagine, much less understand – where water, clean or otherwise, is a luxury they can’t afford; water, a life-giving element, we not only take for granted, but most times, use mindlessly.

A few weeks back, we posted an article highlighting the world’s water crisis. In order to truly appreciate the severity of this global issue, one only needs to search the Internet to find a multitude of organisations, from international bodies like The World Water Council to non-profit organisations like Water.Org and The Water Project, making commendable efforts to extend as much help as possible to the populations in developing countries who are greatly affected by it.

Knowing what you do now about the water crisis, how do you feel about it? Are you already involved with any of the organisations mentioned above or maybe with some of the other humanitarian organisations (water & non-water related) like Mercy Relief or the UK-based Islamic Relief Worldwide ? Do you think there is room for all of us to do more?

Share with us in the Comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.




Official Launch: Project Dalisay Merchandise

Today marks another milestone for Project Dalisay!

We are excited to officially launch the Project Dalisay Merchandise Collection – another channel for us to

  1. Raise awareness of the dire clean drinking water supply situation among the poor in the Philippines, particularly in the slums
  2. Raise funds for setting up the much needed water purification plant and distribution station that we intend to build and have planned for

For every purchase of the merchandise, USD 2.00 goes into funding Project Dalisay Water Station in the Philippines.

Beginning with 6 products, we hope to develop the collection as we move forward. For more information and purchase, please visit Redbubble.

The next time you’re thinking of a gift for a loved one, or even for yourself, we hope you’ll support us to help make our project a reality. When you gift someone close to you, you’re also gifting to a large part of humanity that needs you.

What other ways can we help those who are less fortunate than us? How can we do our part for mankind? We’d love to hear from you so please do leave your comments below.

Till the next time, stay well & healthy!


A Little Note of Appreciation

Hello again everyone!

Time really flies, eh? Tomorrow’s the start for another new week and March is fast approaching. For our Dalisay Water Station fund-raising campaign, this means that we’ve got another month of the official campaign period left.

Instead of posting another article, we’d like to start this week with a note of appreciation to everyone who have supported our cause to bring clean and healthy drinking water to the Philippines. No matter how big or small, EVERY contribution counts.

Whether you’ve contributed financially or simply help spread the word around, your effort is making a difference to a large number of people who will benefit from this project. We hope that you will continue to show your support by sharing our mission with more friends and family members so that they too can share it with others. The more people are aware of this project, the better chances for us to achieve our fund-raising target to make this project a reality.

If you’ve not had the chance to take a look at the campaign, do come visit our Campaign Page. Don’t stop there; feel free to share it with as many people as possible.


In the meantime, do keep checking in here; we’ve an exciting line-up of articles, activities and more happenings coming in real soon.

The Global Water Crisis – Our Responsibility


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Source: Getty Images

We know that water is a necessity and yet, most of us in the developed world choose to remain ignorant of the global water crisis facing us today. At most, the awareness of the problem remains at the peripheral region of our minds; we go about our daily activities with indifference, taking it for granted that when we turn on the faucet, be it in the day or late at night, water will flow – clean and relatively safe – to be used in whatever manner is needed.

Such is not the case for a large number of people in other parts of the world.

According to The Water Project, an estimated 1 billion people in developing countries don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water – that’s 1 in 9 people worldwide. To put matters in perspective, half of the world’s hospital capacity is occupied by patients needing medical attention for water-related diseases. If that isn’t serious enough to wake us up, the World Health Organisation & UNICEF jointly reported in their 2015 Update & MDG Assessment that every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease.


Child in Tondo, Manila Source: HOGC Stories

In the Philippines alone, approximately 8% of the population (7.8 million people) has no access to proper sanitation facilities, much less clean drinking water. Tondo, one of the many slum areas in Manila, is populated with many families who are too poor to afford toilets and thus, having to relieve themselves in unhygienic ways (source).

The combined effects of a world population that is increasing rapidly, a rise in per capita use and the depletion of available freshwater resources means that water scarcity is a severe issue that requires everyone’s attention and action; it affects not only our health and wellness but also agriculture and food production, industrial processes, the economy and the environment as whole (source).

In fact, water scarcity threatens our very existence as a species, together with the rest of the living planet.

This global crisis can’t be ignored for any longer. Action has to be taken now and on our part, we’ve chosen to begin with Project Dalisay Water Station in the Philippines. We urge you to join us in our cause.

For more information, please visit our Campaign Page.