My name is Mohamed Salleh or known as Sam Salleh. I was born and raised in Singapore. I’ve been born physically challenged, suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Currently, I’m self-employed doing direct selling of gift items and blogging.

I frequently travel to the Philippines because it is a nice place with less stress compared to Singapore. Apart from that, my big brother is married to a Filipino, so there always a sense of a second home when I am in the Philippines.

I remembered the first time I travelled to the Philippines, many of my friends, including the locals of the Philippines, advised me not to drink water from the tap because I might suffer from diarrhoea as the water may be contaminated even after it was treated. Therefore the advice is to boil the water or buy bottled drinks.

During my holidays in the Philippines, I can see lots of stocks and supplies of water in the supermarket. For me personally, I can afford to buy bottled drinks from the supermarket but for many locals it is a luxury to buy one.

I talked to my local Filipino friends who told me that even when there are existing water refilling stations, the vendors tend to take advantage by overcharging. Hence the idea for this water project is born.