What Our Campaign Is About

Water is our basic necessity in life for survival. However, unscrupulous humans abuse this basic universal right by making it into a luxury item by overcharging such that the poor face challenges securing clean water. Many resort to alternative sources such as poorly maintained river water. This is happening especially in the third world countries such as the Philippines. Our campaign will set up an affordable water purification system in one of the provinces in the populous region, Mindanao.

What We Need & What You Get

How the money will be spend on.

How the money will be spend on.

There will be initial setup cost which includes the following:

  • Water System – USD 10,770
  • Rental + Renovation – USD 6,460
  • Business Permit – USD 1,080
  • Supplies & Miscellaneous – USD 2,150
  • Website + Hosting – USD 1,940

There will also be ongoing operating cost on a yearly basis:

  • Utilities – USD 1,810
  • Communications – USD 260
  • Transportation – USD 23,260
  • Others – USD 650

Our Perks

USD 2 – Thank You: You will like to give me your basic support and we appreciate that very much. Your name will be featured in my social media. Every dollar counts!

USD 5 – Super Thank You: You will like to give me more than basic support. Your name will be featured in my social media and on the wall of fame on the Dalisay website.

USD 50 – Dalisay Ambassador: You truly believe that this project will make a difference and you want to give more. We will feature your name on my social media and on the wall of fame on the Dalisay website. You will also receive a Dalisay’s mug.

USD 1000 – Super Dalisay Patron: Your name will be featured in our social media and on the wall of fame on the Dalisay website. You will also receive a Dalisay’s mug. Plus, your name will forever be featured on a physical wall of fame at the water station facility.

What if I don’t reach the entire goal?

I will continue with the project because this project has important social impact. However, it will be done on a smaller scale.  I will still secure a space and develop the website in the worst case scenario. Depending on the amount of funds remaining, I may or may not be able to acquire the actual water purification system and the bottles. If I am not able to do the latter, I will raise the rest of the funds through other means.

The Impact

Some Facts & Figures


  • Poor household cannot afford to connect to water system
  • The poor rely on unsafe water sources such as surface water or expensive water sellers


  • Unclean water and poor sanitation kills 55 people every day


  • Every 21 seconds, a child dies globally from water-related illness
  • Point out your successful track record with projects like this (if you have one).
  • Make it real for people and build trust.

How will The Dalisay Water Station Project make a difference?

The water system that we are choosing is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System. I choose this technology because of the superior water quality it delivers. Here are the major characteristics of RO water:

  • 100% Pure Water
  • 100% Free of metals and other mineral ions and deposits
  • 100% Free of chlorides and fluorides
  • 100% Free of germs
  • Balanced neutral pH

As you can see, the water is of a very high quality and will benefit the large population in Mindanao. Here is a list of figures to help you understand about the population trends in Mindanao:

  • Average population growth rate 2.89% (Source:
  • Mindanao population constitutes a quarter of Philippines’ total population (in 2010, Philippines had a population of 92 million)

Here’s my production plan for the Mindanao community at the beginning stage:

  • Around 1050 bottles per year (i.e. around 35 bottles per month)
  • Each bottle with a capacity of 15L.
  • Total yearly capacity is 6300L. (about monthly capacity 525L)

With a huge population to serve, many locals will potentially benefit from this pure water station project that provides affordable, ethically charged water and also from the jobs that are created.

Risks & Challenges

Natural Disasters – The Philippines has typhoons. Setting up in Mindanao has less risk of tropical storms because of the surrounding mountains.Security Risk – A water system is expensive. Security measures such as security cameras will need to be installed to prevent theft. I am also going to choose a location with low crime rate.

Quality Maintenance – Some existing water stations businesses do not maintain their filters, and thus water quality dropped. Having adequate funds will ensure the water system is always maintained to continuously produce good drinking water. Bottles for packaging the water currently available are low quality products which may affect the purity of the water. Therefore to source for high quality bottles is a challenge as it may be very costly and in order to overcome that challenge I can buy the bottles cheaper through wholesale purchase.

Competition – There are other existing vendors who also provide pure drinking water.  However, some conduct their business by overcharging. I am confident I have the ability to tackle this challenge by providing quality and affordability to be attractive to customers.

Personal Challenge – I’m from Singapore and this project will be carried out in the Philippines. It will be tedious, time consuming and expensive for me to travel to Philippines on regular basis. Therefore I have plans to apply long term visa to stay in Philippines so that I could manage it during my stay.

Other Ways You Can Help

Hey, I know some of you out there are passionate about my cause but just can’t contribute. There are many other ways you can help me!

  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media that you are on to tell people about this campaign. Send to your network the link to our campaign so that they can come and find out what we are doing.
  • Remember to use the Indiegogo share tools extensively!

Here is the link to give your support for our Dalisay Water Station Campaign